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Emissions Avoidance with Carbon Twins

Real-time whole life carbon (WLC) analysis from concept to demolition

of carbon emissions from the built environment


from operational carbon


from embodied carbon


predicted embodied carbon share by 2050 (BAU)

We don't have much time...

We only have until 2030 to make a lasting impact on the future of our planet. With the built environment being a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, buildings are a key lever to combatting climate change!


Preoptima revolutionises the way you approach sustainable building design and carbon analysis.


As a Carbon Twin, Preoptima mirrors your every design choice, instantly evaluating the whole life carbon (WLC) impact of your decisions. Both our Web App and API provide unprecedented access to real-time carbon impact data, an accurate bill of quantities, and associated material and structural impact information.

By harnessing the power of geolocation and real-time analysis, Preoptima allows you to visualise and understand the WLC footprint of your projects from the earliest stages, helping you avoid embodied carbon and reduce emissions from the outset. Your trusted Carbon Twin makes achieving Net Zero easy.


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  • Preoptima for...

    Preoptima's uses cover the entire built environment value chain. See how we can help you below:
    Architects and developers

    Design buildings that meet the most stringent carbon requirements whilst seamlessly complying with building codes and regulations.

    Property investment and portfolio managers

    Identify the carbon risk of building projects with ease whilst guaranteeing that all new buildings fit ESG program goals. 

    Consultants and advisors

    Perform quick and robust carbon assessments with generated reports that inform the best actions for clients. 

    Local authorities and financial institutions

    Check carbon performance with confidence and approve or reject based on carbon grounds.

    Only Preoptima can

    Explore infinite design variants

    Model as many design variants as you want with accurate material quantities and detailed embodied and WLC figures

    Align carbon budgets

    Track your estimated carbon budget vs. as-built emissions on construction sites to avoid expensive offsets.

    Achieve ESG Requirements

    Provide accurate and automated reports for ESG purposes and GHG emissions.

    Understand portfolios

    Control performance and automate reporting at portfolio level.

    Inform refurbs and retrofits

    Monitor carbon implications of refurbishment interventions including carbon pay-back period.

    Log energy use

    Log accurate energy use, identify energy hotspots and report accurate operational carbon.

    See how it works

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