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It's the Year of the Concept


The early design stages are where the magic happens in a project. It's a time brimming with potential and endless possibilities; it's where an idea starts taking shape into a concept—setting the vision of a building.

Every year, there seems to be another “thing” that needs to be incorporated into design, with the goalposts constantly moving. Last year it was all about energy efficiency, and this year addressing whole life carbon (WLC) in buildings now is a collective goal among governments, clients, and architects alike.

While we can procure low-carbon materials during construction, we can reduce even more WLC when deciding upon the massing and building systems during conceptual design. Yet, we don’t always have the time or information necessary to perform a WLC assessment during concept design. It often takes weeks for the design team to figure out material quantities, and then a sustainability consultant needs to step in. By the time you’ve got all the data, the design has evolved, and the assessment is out-of-date.


Imagine This:


What if we could turn weeks into hours, or even minutes? Turn money spent into money saved? Make carbon an easy early-stage deliverable?

Imagine being able to quickly see how different design choices impact the whole life carbon. How much carbon would adding a few more storeys add? What happens if we tweak the height between floors? How does a low carbon reinforced concrete structure stack up against a steel one?

Preoptima CONCEPT has the answers, allowing you to make those big decisions faster and smarter.


Introducing Preoptima CONCEPT


Preoptima CONCEPT empowers carbon novices and carbon experts alike to rapidly perform whole life carbon (WLC) assessments and optioneer on early-stage building designs. With a simple, user-friendly interface, Preoptima CONCEPT allows design teams to consider in real time how changes to massing and building systems influence the embodied, operational, and WLC impacts of the design. 

Perform a ‘hot-spot’ analysis using Preoptima CONCEPT, allowing you to quickly pinpoint areas for improvement and effectively strategise and test design modifications. Create custom datasets, materials, and assemblies to tailor assessments to your projects and enjoy our automated RICS-compliant reporting feature to comprehensively document and present the WLC performance of your building designs for seamless options appraisal and planning permission approval.


Want to learn more about the technical aspects of Preoptima's backend? Explore the Preoptimiser - your carbon co-pilot!


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What Our Customers Say

"Preoptima was instrumental in our fast-paced project, enabling us to quickly compare multiple structural systems. Its ability to generate accurate, comparative designs and embodied carbon data in real-time was a game-changer. This efficiency greatly aided our decision-making process, allowing us to relay complex information to stakeholders in an easily digestible manner. It's an indispensable tool for any project requiring rapid and reliable analysis."

Group14 Engineering
Engineering Consulting

"As consultants, our goal is to guide our clients towards more sustainable practices. Preoptima has been an invaluable ally in this mission, providing us with a powerful tool to not just recommend, but also demonstrate, sustainable design solutions in a compelling and data-driven way. We believe that Preoptima is set to have a big and positive impact on the industry, and we are excited to be a part of this."

Square Gain
Environmental Services and Training