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The Carbon Hub for all of your building needs.
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Use our generative design tool to analyse hundreds of thousands of design iterations in minutes or import your own geometry!
  • AI and generative design 
  • Import your own massing model
  • Geolocation mapping
  • Automatic building code and regulation compliance 
  • Granular building inputs and control



Sit back while we perform quality, accurate and transparent whole-life carbon assessments for you.
  • Compare thousands of design iterations
  • Accurate and robust analysis with trust-worthy results 
  • Full life cycle assessment (LCA) transparency
  • Design breakdowns for hotspot analysis




See how building design iterations impact carbon before you commit to them and continue to monitor carbon performance through construction to your building's end of life.
  • Compare multiple design iterations
  • Save your favourite designs 
  • Export further design details (such as material quantities, detailed carbon data, and geometry data). 
  • Carbon tracking through construction, use and demolition stages.




Make decisions on materials, structural systems, and wall assemblies or specify your own material quantities and carbon coefficients to reach both your carbon and design goals.
  • Edit designs with Live Editing 
  • Control material quantities and carbon coefficients
  • Make designs your own
  • Inform critical building retrofit and maintenance decisions.



Bring all of your stakeholders with you on your carbon journey with access to quality and transparent carbon information.
  • Invite members of your team, clients and other stakeholders to view your designs 
  • Receive live feedback on designs 
  • Ensure everyone is on board before progressing 




Reporting on all life cycle aspects of your project is made easy with fast, automated and professional reports.
  • Automated, high-quality reporting 
  • Standardised LCA report formatting
  • Comprehensive and intuitive design and results breakdown 


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