Product Features

Preoptima is a cutting-edge platform that integrates real-time carbon optioneering into the early stages of building design.

Preoptima offers a unique, iterative approach to designing low-carbon buildings. Unlike any other solution on the market, Preoptima offers unprecedented accuracy in carbon reduction at an early design phase, fundamentally changing how sustainable buildings are conceived.

Preoptima CONCEPT

Preoptima's Preoptima CONCEPT web app product offers an intuitive frontend for primary users.

By identifying a building's precise global position, our platform immediately aggregates vital data on local building codes, regulations, weather conditions, and supply chains, guaranteeing accurate, geographically tailored, and real-time insights. The platform handles the generative design of structural systems, automates the calculation of material quantity take-offs, and delivers up-to-date carbon impact data for imported massing models.

Preoptima CONCEPT therefore allows you to visualise, understand and mitigate the carbon footprint of your projects from the earliest stages, helping you avoid embodied carbon and prevent emissions from the outset. 

Preoptima API

Our robust Preoptima API caters to large institutional clients. 

By connecting our Preoptima API to your workflow, you will gain unprecedented access to real-time carbon impact data, an accurate bill of quantities, and associated material and structural impact information.

Our API can receive inputs ranging from a simple building location and target floor area to a full massing model with specific inputs for the design options you want to analyse and assess. The API returns material quantities with unmatched precision and offers full transparency over the whole life carbon calculations and the dataset underpinning them.

With both the Preoptima CONCEPT web app and Preoptima API at your disposal, you will be fully equipped to embrace carbon avoidance and make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. Set a new industry standard by leveraging our groundbreaking technology to revolutionise early-stage design and ensure a more sustainable future for all.


Import your own massing model and use our AI and generative design capabilities to optioneer for countless design iterations in minutes!
  • Experience AI and generative design 

  • Import your own massing model

  • Use geolocation mapping

  • Enjoy automatic building code and regulation compliance 

  • Get access to granular building inputs and control

  • Optimise design decisions for whole life carbon (WLC)




Sit back while we perform quality, accurate and transparent whole life carbon assessments for you - all in real-time!
  • Compare the carbon impact of design choices in seconds

  • Explore countless low-carbon solutions 

  • Get accurate and transparent data 

  • See carbon impact breakdowns for hotspot analysis

  • Enjoy seamless API integration as your Preoptimiser works alongside you




See how building design decisions impact carbon before you commit to them with data-driven insights
  • Save your favourite designs in your library

  • Compare multiple design iterations with ease

  • Export further design details (such as material quantities, detailed carbon data, geometry data)




Make decisions on materials, structural systems, and assemblies or specify your own material quantities and carbon coefficients to reach both your carbon and design goals.
  • Edit and optimise building designs with Live Editing 

  • Control material quantities and carbon coefficients for unparalleled accuracy 

  • Identify low-carbon solutions that fit client and project needs





Bring all of your stakeholders with you on your carbon journey with shared access to quality and transparent carbon information.
  • Invite members of your team, clients and other stakeholders to view your designs 

  • Receive live feedback on designs 

  • Ensure everyone is on board before progressing 




Reporting on the carbon impacts of your project is made easy with fast, automated, and professional reports
  • Automated, high-quality, standardised reporting 

  • Comprehensive and intuitive design and results breakdown 

  • Additional geometry file exports (.obj) and detailed carbon and material quantities data exports (Excel)


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